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Welcome to Freeman & Pardoe

The New Home of Arrow Architectural

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the new home of Arrow Architectural – FreemanandPardoe.com!

We took over the business in May 2013 and as you will be aware, shortly after some monumental changes …

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Accessibility - The Importance of BS 8300 and ADM

BS 8300 and Advanced Document M - How do you meet your legal obligations for Fire Door Closers?

There are hundreds of different Door Closing Devices available on the market but once you scratch the surface in terms of analysing their capabilities, is becomes apparent that not all are created equ…

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Fire Safety and BS 8300 - Why your Fire Doors should comply with both

Understand why neither Fire Safety or BS 8300/ADM takes precedence with regards to Fire Door Closer Specification

Why do I need a Door Closer?

For any fire door that is being installed into a building, legislation dictates that a Fire Door Closer must be fitted to allow the door to return to a closed position af…

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